Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and a tomb.This mosque is acclaimed among individuals for two distinct reasons. The primary reason is that the place is situated amidst the ocean and is associated with the land by a pathway. The other reason is the religious intensity of this place. Numerous wonder stories are connected with this mosque and it is said that the individuals who ask here get their desires satisfied.  The mosque is connected with the land by a little pathway prompting Mahalakshmi, South Mumbai. The pathway is one kilometer long and individuals need to walk the separation. The stroll on the pathway monitored with railings on both the side is a vital vacationer action here. You can discover taxis, transports and cars from any piece of Mumbai to achieve Mahalakshmi. 

The best time to visit is on Thursdays and Fridays. You can discover numerous ceremonies amid nowadays. Various pioneers visit the place amid these two days. The most exceedingly bad time to visit is the blustery season. With substantial downpours, the pathway prompting the mosque submerge and it ends up difficult to achieve the mosque. Seeing the mosque on a little islet from the shore pulls in numerous picture takers. The mosque is 500m far from the shore. It is an incredible symbol of Indo-Islamic compositional style. When you achieve the passage, you can discover marble patio and a cover sheet made with red and green shading. The primary lobby contains the sanctuary and you can discover grand marble columns with reflect works masterminded in a fascinating Arabic example. You can discover 99 names of Allah in the columns. There are separate imploring corridor for people. You can appreciate sufi music occasions on each Fridays and amid religious celebrations. 

A Muslim trader, Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari surrendered all his riches and belonging and took a journey to Mecca. He went from Uzbekistan and achieved Mumbai by mid of fifteenth century. He chose to remain in Mumbai and spread Islam. Until his demise, he spread and lectured Islam to individuals around him. He asked for his devotees not to cover him after his passing but rather toss him into sea. He requested that individuals cover his body where it achieves the shore. The body roosted on a little shake amidst the ocean and the tomb was worked in the place of the stone. The present structure was worked in 1916. The first structure was worked in fifteenth century.