Nagina Masjid

Nagina Masjid or the Gem Mosque is comprised of unadulterated white marble and was intended for the individual utilization of the head. Worked between 1631-40 in the northwestern corner of the Machchhi Bhawan,Nagina Masjid has a marble cleared court encased by dividers toward the north, south and east and the petition chamber on the west. The petition chamber is likewise comprised of marble and has three arches on its best. The mosque has a three-angled façade with the cusps and upheld on thin docks as its passage. The curve in the center is bigger and has nine cusps and ones on the either sides have seven cusps as it were. 

The mihrab pointing the course of Holy Kabah is arranged on the western mass of the supplication chamber. The curves have an expansive anticipating chhajja on three sides. The unmistakable element of the mosque that influences it to stand separated from different structures of the post is over the curves. A bend can likewise be found amidst the façade i.e. in the chhajja and also in the parapet, which gives additional significance to the focal part in the façade. This element known as bangladar is an unmistakable normal for this mosque. The three bulbous arches are delegated by modified lotus and finials and the focal one is bigger than the other two.