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Bhong Mosque


The late Rais Ghazi Mohammad, the proprietor of a huge bequest, started this venture in 1932 in Bhong town, the most essential of the scattered towns on his tremendous property. The mosque was to be the most grand working in his castle compound which likewise incorporated a littler mosque, a madrasa and spaces for understudies. Crafted by authorities accumulated from all finished Pakistan and India (ace artisans and specialists from Rajasthan, calligraphers and painters from Karachi), the compound was outlined and developed over a time of about 50 years. Comprehensively varied in their utilization of sources, the manufacturers obtained expressive This mosque is situated at the separation of 200 kilometers from Bahawalpur. With a specific end goal to deify the mosque, Sardar Rais brought experts, craftsmans and calligraphers from Lahore, Iran, Spain and Turkey. The material and art utilized as a part of the development of the mosque incorporate customary styles (teak, ivory, marble, shaded glass, onyx, coated tile work, fresco, reflect work, overlaid tracery, artistic, calligraphic work and trim), present day and engineered marbleized mechanical tile, counterfeit stone confronting, terrazzo, hued bond tile and created press). The mosque was at first a Complex comprised of a little mosque however was later changed over to a petition corridor and a library for ladies, madrassa and private residences for understudies and guests. 

Over the 50 long periods of its development, the Bhong Mosque Complex has produced occupations and prepared roughly 1000 laborers and specialty men in indigenous artworks. Its development laid a structure for financial advancement and arrangement of fundamental pleasantries of life including market streets, schools, power, gas, bank, doctor's facility, post office and so forth to the nearby populace. For the most excellent and solitary push to deliver a wonderful design and in acknowledgment of his critical sole endeavor to make a nearby Islamic Center of learning and building creates, the 1986 Agha Khan Award of Architecture was granted by His Highness Prince Karim Agha Khan to Sardar Rais Ghazi Mohammad. In the expressions of the Jury "Bhong reveres and embodies the famous taste in Pakistan with all its force, pride, pressure and supposition. Its utilization, and abuse of signs and images communicates fitting developing agonies of an engineering experiencing significant change." The President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan has after death presented upon Sardar Rais Ghazi Muhammad, "SITARA-I-IMTIAZ" on March 23, 2004 on Pakistan Day for his remarkable commitment to the field of Public Service (Bhong Mosque Architecture). Since meeting of honor, the Mosque has turned into a site of enthusiasm for engineers from everywhere throughout the world. "To numerous designers and educated people, the Bhong Mosque complex is an item that discredits the simple reason for an engineering undertaking established in the profound comprehension of the way of life," composes directing council part and planner Ismail Serageldin. "To numerous others, it is a brilliant, extravagant structure that brings out a relatively obvious joie de vivre, and that speaks to a bow to the overall taste of its clients," expressed (alongside the larger part's last contemplations and explanations) by Hans Hollein and the Turkish modeler Mehmet Doruk Pamir in their work. Significantly more have been composed by the worldwide engineering press about the mosque that is a wonderful thing.