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Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi was a ninth-century Sufi who guaranteed coordinate drop from the Prophet Muhammad and is thought of by his followers as the supporter holy person of Karachi. He was covered on a angle in Karachi, where his remaining parts are covered. Up to the mid 1950s the holy place was a little hovel over a sandy slope in Clifton. The place of worship was amassed, protracted and blown up in the mid-1960s as it had pulled in reverential consideration. The hallowed place development and explorers pulled in the celebrations and music Qawwali. In 2005, Karachi city government began a broad repair, tidy up and redesign occupation of the place of worship which was finished in 2007.

The Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, is located at settled on a edge sitting overhead Clifton Beach, Karachi, Pakistan. The mazar (tomb) is based on a high stage with the crucial being ground floor. The tomb has a high and four-sided slot and a green-and-white barred arch, animated with Sindhi tile-work signs and hammering. Abdullah Shah Ghazi's tomb draws in a continual flow of lovers who reorganize forward to touch the silver railing around the internment place and wrap it with wreaths of blooms. Individuals from all finished Pakistan, the vast majority of them Muslims, come here to pay respect to him from the nation over. In December every year, an extraordinary celebration (urs) is held at the sanctum for 3 days denoting the commemoration of Syed Abdullah where Muslims from all groups come in huge number. The celebration is delighted in by some non-Muslims also, as the holy person is worshipped by just for lecturing affection, resistance and pleasantness.