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Mahabat Khan Mosque (or Mohabbat Khan Mosque) lies west of Chowk Yadgar, is the city's best mosque, worked in 1630 by the legislative head of Peshawar under Mughal ruler Shah Jahan, and remodeled in 1898. You can enter the mosque and glance around at the sumptuous tiled inside and furthermore get a decent perspective of the square and minarets from an antiquated caravanserai toward the east. Independent aides that float around Ander Shahar are great incentive for going to the mosque and caravanserai, however they'll need you to visit their shop a while later. Be that as it may, the structure is in a weather beaten condition as the experts have neglected to redesign it despite the fact that assets have been apportioned in the yearly spending plan. 

Insiders acquainted with the issue revealed to The Express Tribune the mosque has lost one of its minarets because of the October 26 tremor. In the mean time, the Auqaf office still can't seem to consider the issue and do repair work. It is named after the Mughal legislative leader of Peshawar Nawab Mahabat Khan canister Ali Mardan Khan, known as Mahabat Khan and Ali Mardan Khan, who served under Emperors Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb and who was the grandson of Nawab Dadan Khan (a previous legislative leader of Lahore). The name of the Masjid and the representative who manufactured is regularly misspoke as 'Mohabbat Khan' ('Love Khan') by the general population dominant part rather than the right elocution 'Mahabat Khan' ('Awe-motivating Khan'). 

 Its open yard has a midway found bathing pool and a solitary column of rooms covering the outside dividers. The supplication corridor, flanked by two tall minarets, involves the west side. The minarets of the Mohabbat Khan Mosque were habitually utilized as a part of Sikh circumstances (particularly that of Ranjit Singh) 'as a substitute for the hangman's tree'. The inside of the petition corridor is protected underneath three low, fluted vaults and is articulately painted with botanical and geometric outlines.