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Shah Jahan Mosque


Thatta is an papular city of Sindh in light of its rich culture and profound roots in the history. This city saw the high points and low points for sovereigns. One of its best attractions is the Shah Jahan Mosque which was worked from the year 1644 to 1647. Mughal head Shahjahan appreciated its development. This Mosque is available in the city of Thatta, Sindh with full grandness and astounding engineering. UNESCO likewise included it in the rundown of National legacy in the year 1993. Regal King Shah Jahan spent around 9 lacs Shahjahani Rupees around then. The establishments of Shahjahani Mosque are 12 feet to 15 feet somewhere down in the dirts and incorporate the mountain's hard stone. There are 5 little and enormous entryways in it along the 100 vaults and 94 columns.


The Best element of this Shah Jahan Mosque is its extraordinary vault plans that the sound flows everywhere throughout the mosque without amplifiers. The air dissemination framework is additionally obvious and condition of it resists the urge to panic constantly. In excess of 20,000 people groups can offer the supplications in this mosque at a solitary time. Water pound and the garden are available in the front side of it which improves the fascination.

It is said that King Shah Jahan once imagined about this Mosque and get the requests from the Allah Almighty to fabricate a Mosque. He finished this delightful Shah jahan Mosque in an extremely restricted timeframe. At the point when Sher Shah Suri crushed the King then Shahjahan invested few of his energy in this Mosque for it fulfillment. Shahjahan finished this Mosque under the supervision of Mir Abdullah. Mir Abdullah was one of the colossal designers around then and assembled such a significant number of brilliant structures. He blended red blocks and Blue coated tiles in the completing of Shahjahani Mosque. Dabgir Mosque is likewise exceptionally celebrated along the Shah Jahan Mosque