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Audio:Dar e nabi par zulfiqar Ali naat mp3

Artist: Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini
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  • Dare nabi par para rahoon ga pare hi rehne se kaam hoga
  • Kabhi to qismat khule gi meri kabhi to mera salam hoga
  • English Translation:
  • I will remain at the Prophet's door,
  • my wishes will only be fulfilled by staying there!
  • At some time my destiny will shine,
  • sometime I will be able to present my salam!
  • Khilafe mashooq kuch huwa hai na koi aashiq se kaam hoga
  • Khuda bhi hoga udhar bhi aye dil jidhar woh aali maqam hoga
  • English Translation:
  • No lover has ever done or will ever do anything against
  • their beloved
  • God will also be there,
  • let the heart come to where that elevated place is!
  • Kiye hi jaoon ga arz matlab milega jab tak na dil ka matlab
  • Na shaam e matlab ki subha hogi na yeh fasana tamam hoga
  • English Translation:
  • I shall keep on pleading for my heart's desire until it is
  • met!
  • Neither will the eve of my desires ever
  • see morn, nor will this story ever end!
  • Jo dil se hai ma'il-e-payambar yeh is ki pehchan hai
  • muqarrar
  • Ke har dam is be nawa ke lab par durood hoga salam hoga
  • English Translation:
  • He who is in thrall of the Messenger from
  • his heart, is constantly recognised by this:
  • At every breath from his soundless lips
  • pours salutations and blessings upon him!
  • Isi tawaqqa pe ji raha hoon yehi tamanna jila rahi hai
  • Nigahe lutfo karam na hogi to mujh ko jeena haram hoga